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Oct 08 2014

Perfect Fall Weather

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This is the favorite time of year for me because I just love the fall months. The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors on the trees and the temperature outside is perfect. I can where shorts with a sweatshirt or pants with a t-shirt, it is so comfortable to wear this type of clothing.

My Newcastle escorts companion and I love to decorate the home also during the fall months. We get out our pumpkin spiced candles, buy pumpkins for inside and outside and we never forget to cook a bunch of pumpkin pies for all of our friends and family.

A couple of nights a week we will have a little bonfire in the back yard, roast marshmallows and cuddle my the warm fire. It makes for a romantic night looking at the stars in the sky, once in awhile we will see a shooting star quickly moving across the dark sky.

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Oct 03 2014

Thanks To The Boss

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The years of marriage had taken a toll on my health and life. At age 50, I was used up and worn out. Two months ago my wife walked out of my life and left with everything I owned. She left me with everything we owed, so I guess she felt it was fair enough. The only change was the business trip to Europe to set up the new headquarters for the company I worked for.

I was tired and my confidence was shot. So when my boss called I expected bad news. He just said he had called some Edinburgh escorts and I had a date. Two hours later I was out on the town having a great time. She was one of the oldest escorts they had available, but she was still younger than me. But not so young I felt uncomfortable. It was fun, it was nasty and I am transferring to Edinburgh in two months. Thanks boss.

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Sep 18 2014

Starting My Business

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I have learned over the years that there are many pros and cons working in the escorting business. My main goal always is to stay safe and to be prepared for any negative or positive consequences that may arise from my actions.


  • Earning large amounts of money
  • Endless unexpected gifts and vacations
  • Flexible schedules


  • In some regions this businees is a crime and charges can be persued
  • Escorts typically can not be open about their career option with spouse, friends and family
  • Exposed to very dangerous situations
  • Health issues may arise – such as unwanted STD’s

Just always keep in mind that the money flow will never end and you can buy yourself anything that you have ever dreamed of in life. Your schedule is very flexible so you can take any vacation that you want and if you need rest because you are exhausted your bills are always paid!

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Aug 31 2014

Effortless Relationships

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I take Manchester escorts out at least once a week to fulfill my pleasures. The reason that I do so is because I do not have to put a lot of effort into one single relationship that is always bothersome to me. I do not have to worry about hurting someones feelings or not spending enough time with them. I go to work and when I feel like I want to go out I just make one single phone call and I can meet someone within an hour or two.

Money is not an issue to me so I always cover the expense of whatever we end up doing for the night. I usually will end up renting a house on a lake and do some swimming, boating, skiing and fishing. Later that night I will cook up a romantic candle lite dinner and see where the night hours take us.

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Jun 22 2014

A Fun Companion

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When I am looking for some adult entertainment I usually will contact Leeds escorts for a fun filled night out on the town. It is very simple because I just make the phone call ahead of time and we meet right at the luxury hotel of my choice. I typically only request one girl that I always have fun with all weekend. I had seen an advertisement about her online profile and was interested immediately.

We have built somewhat of a relationship and go out a couple times a month. I can talk to her and she listens to everything that I have to say and responds with emotion. Usually we will take a stroll in the park or for a long quite walk on the beach. At the end of the night we usually stop for something to eat and have a couple of drinks to winddown for the evening.

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Jun 20 2014

Treat Yourself To Some Fun In Birmingham

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The holiday season is almost upon us and if you find that you haven’t made any plans yet why not consider a getaway holiday in Birmingham with Birmingham escorts? We have the guys and gals that you will find make great company during your holiday treat. The town beckons discovery and why not do it in style with a good looking partner for the night? You owe it to yourself not to be along for the holiday season.

This year make a special promise to yourself and join us in Birmingham and make some memories together with one of our attentive escorts who will fill in your hours with delightful company. Feel good and look good with one of our talented personnel keeping you in good company.

Learn what Birmingham has to offer and you will find that you want to see more of Birmingham than you ever realized.

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Jun 06 2014

Chocolate & Vanilla Twist

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It has been so nice out in the last week that I have been stopping after work at the ice cream parlor to get a chocolate and vanilla twist. There is a patio to sit outside at and enjoy the fresh air.

After I eat my treat, I go home shower and get my dinner together so that I can eat after a long day of work. If I have any energy after that, I will call my fuck buddy over because she will come over whenever I want her to.

I have been messing with her for about two years and she does anything that I tell her to do, unlike other buddies that I have had in the past. I know that I have to treat her pretty good because I do not want to lose her.

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Apr 19 2014

Benefits & Family

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I have worked for Durham escorts service for many years, there are many reasons why I continue my career with their company.

The boss, supervisors and staff are the most pleasant people to work around and it makes it hard for me to ever think about leaving. Every single employee that goes out on dates with the clients are always safe and accounted for at all times. We have company outings and gather at each others homes for dinners, we are our own little family.

The benefits are great and I needed heath and dental insurance badly at one time. I do have to pay a co-pay but I know that I am always covered incase of an accident.

You can’t go wrong with the pay, I have so much money that I don’t know what to do with it! I have bought and own everything that I could of every dreamed of!

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